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Women's Health

Improve your wellbeing or tackle a particular health concern with a natural approach to wellness that is safe and effective.  Specialised therapies and packages will help fertility, pregnancy and the menopause  as well as individual health issues. 
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Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy is well researched and uses highly effective, evidenced based techniques. Hypnotherapy can relieve anxiety,  low mood, sleep problems, phobias, panic, insomnia, low confidence, weight loss and more...

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Reflexology is an amazing natural therapy that treats you holistically, improving your physical, mental and emotional health.  It can help with stress, aid sleep,  improve mood, improve general wellbeing,  hormonal and digestive issues and more...  

"Highly recommended." -  "The perfect mix to revive and sustain positive happy results." -  "Hypnotherapy has helped me change my life around." - "A lovely treat." -   "Incredibly beneficial throughout my pregnancy."  - "Really good reflexology for balancing out the effects of stress and menopause." - "

"To sleep again at night was just amazing."
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