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Alex Viggers IIHHT, MAR, CNHC 

Fertility Reflexology

Fertility reflexology is pre- conceptual 

reflexology that can be helpful for you and your partner, whether you have just started trying to conceive or have been trying for a while.   These relaxing and calming treatments can help to ease any emotional or physical stress surrounding your fertility. Reflexology can also improve your wellbeing so that your body may be more receptive to pregnancy. The aim is to for you to be in optimum condition for conceiving whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through assisted conception programmes.  
Your fertility is complex and a reflexologist can not diagnose or cure fertility problems but regular reflexology sessions may help you to feel rebalanced and get you in optimum condition for conceiving.   

Fertility Reflexology can also help you feel less stressed emotionally and physically, quietening the mind and improving your sense of well-being. 
Regular reflexology sessions can help:
- reduce stress surrounding your fertility

- improve your sense of wellbeing

- help you get your body in optimum condition for conceiving  


The mind can play an important part in your fertility journey, helping or hindering you. Hypnosis for fertility aims to help in several ways. When you are having problems conceiving, it can be very stressful and emotionally draining. It may affect your confidence and self-esteem, and constant worrying can be exhausting. Fertility hypnotherapy will help you restore your mental and physical balance, increasing your wellbeing and your ability to cope with your fertility journey whatever that process involves and whatever the outcome is.


Hypnotherapy can help you feel mentally stronger so that you can deal with the issues that arise. Whether you need help to reduce stress and anxiety, resolve any relationship problems, make decisions about fertility treatments, make changes to your lifestyle such as smoking or diet or just to feel that you are coping better day to day.


Hypnotherapy for fertility can help you

-Reduce your stress and anxiety. 

- Balance our emotions so that you feel more in control.

- Increase your self esteem and confidence in your ability to cope.

- Increase your ability to make decisions about any fertility treatments you may need.

Fertility reflexology

Treatment and Therapy Packages


Individual Sessions

Fertility Reflexology – £40
Fertility Hypnotherapy – £65

Fertility Reflexology Programme

To combat stress and help your body to be in optimum condition for conceiving.

Fortnightly Reflexology Treatments at £35 per session.

 Fertility Hypnotherapy Package £195

To help with the mental and emotional issues around fertility.

1 x Consultation and Relaxation session 

3 x Hypnotherapy session

Hypnotherapy CD

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