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Alex Viggers IIHHT, MAR, CNHC 

The Menopause and Peri-Menopause

The menopause and peri-menopause are a natural stage of life, but can bring some unwelcome symptoms. The Menopause is a natural change in the female reproductive system that normally occurs between the ages 45 and 55, although peri-menopausal symptoms may occur earlier.

Menopause means the end of your periods, and as the ovaries stop working, the levels of oestrogen and progesterone in the body reduce and that can result in physical and emotional problems.

Ease the Symptoms

The symptoms of the menopause vary, but can include hot flushes, night sweats, poor sleep, mood swings, anxiety, lack of energy, joint pains and headaches. Reflexology can help.  Specialised treatments aim to ‘rebalance’ the body by inducing deep relaxation, improving circulation, facilitating the removal of toxins from the body, reducing pain, calming the nervous system and increasing energy levels.

Hormonal imbalances, including menopausal symptoms, respond particularly well to reflexology. Research has found that reflexology can be effective in reducing in hot flushes and improving sleep (*1).  Regular reflexology can help with any imbalances, improve mood, release tension and aid sleep, helping you to cope better and easing the stresses during this transitional time.

Sessions are relaxing and enjoyable and can support you physically, mentally and emotionally, providing some TLC and time for you to relax and focus on yourself.

What Client's Say

"I have had a session of treatments with Alex and have to say have felt rejuvenated after each session - and there really is that whoosh feeling letting your issues go when she gets those pressure points. Really good for balancing out the effects of stress and menopause." Shirley, Blunsdon. 

"The effect was subtle and very natural but it made a huge difference in what I can only describe as feeling balanced again. Thanks Alex." Emma, Swindon.

Hypnotherapy sessions can help you to cope with the menopause and manage changes in a positive way. By reducing stress and anxiety sessions can help to reduce the effects of the menopause and help you feel like you again.

Treatment and Therapy Packages

Individual Sessions
Reflexology 1 hour £40
Hypnotherapy 1 hour £65

Introductory Reflexology Package - £99

3 x Reflexology Sessions, Includes Consultation and CD

Ongoing Reflexology Package

Block of 3 or more Reflexology £35 per session

Hypnotherapy Treatment Plan £195

To help reduce and manage the effects of the menopause.

1 x Consultation and Relaxation session
3 x Hypnotherapy sessions

Hypnotherapy Relaxation CD  

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